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Collagen & Biotin Organic Plant-Based Peanut, Oat & Barley Superfood Smoothie Mix

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100% Organic power blend

Adds a creamy texture with a hint of natural vanilla to make this the ideal “anytime” meal replacer or a versatile addition to healthy recipes.

NET WT 8 oz

INGREDIENTS: Raw Spanish Peanuts, Biotin, Roasted Peanuts, Steal Oats, Rolled Oats, Barley Flakes, Vanilla Bean Extract Powder, Cacao Nibs, Walnut, Collagen Peptide I, III, Vitamin C Powder

Key Benefits:

This nutrient-dense, superfood smoothie mix, delivers superior health benefits in a very small serving. Our peanut superfood smoothie mix is low in carbohydrates, houses ample amounts of protein, and are packed with a ton of healthy fats. It is also loaded with an array of essential vitamins and minerals, plus bountiful amounts of active antioxidants. Contains no artificial ingredients

Serving: Mix a heaping tablespoon into your hot water, smoothie, yogurt, pancake mix, oatmeal or just add milk.